The equipment we sell and rent is the same brand of equipment we use every day.  We strive for affordable and high quality equipment, that our clients can trust.  We use For-Most and Silencer chutes in the clinic as well as portable, hydraulic chutes (For-Most and Silencer) which we use in the country for herd work.

For Rent:

Hydraulic chute, tub and alley   Portable hydraulic chute, tub, and double alley

Hydraulic calf table, tub and alley   Portable hydraulic calf table, tub and alley

Portable Corrals    Portable corrals

Double AI Barn    Double AI barn

Portable Sheep Chute Portable sheep chute

For Sale:

We currently have a used, hydraulic, stationary Silencer chute available and a used, portable, hydraulic For-most chute.

For questions regarding the equipment, or pricing inquiries, please call (701)567-4333