Licensed Veterinary Technicians

  • Becki

    Becki graduated from National American University in 2003 with a degree in Veterinary Technology. She has three dogs: Pedro, Carlos, and Abe. She also has two daughters: Talia and Makenzie. In her spare time, Becki likes to ride motorcycle, golf, and work in her yard.

  • Lacey

    Lacey came to us from an emergency clinic in Sioux Falls, where she spent 9 years in the ER before making her way north.  She showed up one night at the clinic with a really bad OB and we tried to hire her on the spot.  Lacey moved to the Hettinger area with her dog Jackson and some cattle.  She is a graduate from the Minnesota School of Business with an Associate degree in Veterinary Technology.  When she’s not working hard at the clinic, Lacey enjoys spending time with her faithful companion Jackson and working cattle.

  • Sonya

    Sonya graduated from NDSU with an Associates degree in Veterinary Technology. She has worked with many types of animals- dogs, cats, pigs and cattle. She has the resident title of  'The Crazy Cat Lady' as she currently has eight cats and one dog (Max). She is married with three children (Jonathan, Danielle and Ciera), and has a handsome grandson named Kason.